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A divorce soon followed and Connie went to live with her grandparents in Brooklyn's Rockaway Beach.

Joely's addictions were alcohol but she learned how to manage.

Connie always had to be the controlling partner in relationships, according to Joely, so she went after weak men.

On the rebound from the divorce, she met Eddie Fisher, the pre-Elvis, pop singing star of the 1950s, who came with a truckload of salacious gossip.

My father was predisposed to be an addict; so was my mother; so were we all.'I think the reason you drink, smoke, eat, shop is that you’re trying to quiet that inner critic, that feeling of worthlessness, or lack, or inadequacy.' So when Joely was disappointed with her acting career, she 'dealt with that feeling by going home and having a bottle of wine'.It's a mystery to Joely just what her mother saw in Eddie but her mother always described him as 'delicious'.Rumor in Hollywood had it that Eddie was the most well-endowed lover in town which Joely's half sister, Carrie Fisher confirmed in her autobiography, 'Wishful Drinking'.But five years after their marriage, Eddie was kicked to the curb by Taylor, who was now in love with Richard Burton.The singer was on the prowl when he met Connie who 'was popping pills, partying, and trying to stay one step ahead of the sadness' following her divorce, Joely writes.

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